The Team

Christi’s Bio

Christi’s racing fever starts with her dad. He drag raced motorcycles where she started out cleaning the rear tire as the bike set up on the line, graduated to helping her dad change spark plugs, and in high school completed her first engine swap on a 1980 L48 Corvette.

In college, she joined a sports car club and realized there was more to racing than elapsed times and top speeds. She could turn… left AND right. There were several DE events, but it wasn’t enough.

A trip to Skip Barber’s car control clinic at Lime Rock and a 3-day racing school at Laguna Seca was enough to make her realize she wanted to road race all the time. Her racing idols include Shirley Muldowney, Ayrton Senna, Paul Newman, as well as the lesser known Susie Wolff and Simona Di Silvestro who are challenging the status quo in different levels of motorsport.

Her dream is to see the 24 Hours of Le Mans in person and race compete in a pro-am 24-hour race.

Dave’s Bio

Dave didn’t grow up around racing, but as soon as he found it, he was hooked. He was invited to watch an event at Sears Point, was able to go behind the scenes, and it instantly became a passion. One of the cars on track was a Datsun 240Z and those cars became his focus for a racing platform.

He’s driven on Sonoma Raceway (then called Sears Point), Laguna Seca, Thunder Hill--he had the added benefit of living in California and taking full advantage of the race tracks the state has to offer before moving to Texas in 2004.

After moving to Texas, he continued to participate in HPDEs but once he reached the top of the run groups, he realized he wanted to take this racing thing more seriously.

His dream is to follow in Steve McQueen and Paul Newman’s footsteps where he’s so good, he can’t be ignored for his driving talents.

The Car

  • Chassis – BMW E46

  • NASA Class Spec E46

  • SCCA Class T3

  • NASA minimum weight 2,850 with driver

  • SCCA minimum weight 2,950 with driver

  • Horsepower: may not exceed 225

  • Wheels: Apex ARC-8 17x9

  • Suspension: Motion Control Suspension









Our Upcoming Events

The Safety Gear

  • Racing Helmet

  • Fire retardant suit

  • Gloves

  • Boots

  • Neck Restraints

  • Nomex Socks

  • Undergarments/head socks

  • Cool Shirt