2019 NASA March Madness – MSR Cresson

2019 NASA March Madness – MSR Cresson
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2019 NASA March Madness – MSR Cresson

Cresson is the closest thing we have to a home track. It’s about an hour and a half away from our house, we’ve done countless driving education events there, been instructors for Classic BMW clients, and it’s where we both went through SCCA racing school to get our licenses. We know every turn.

When things don’t go as well as you expect on a race weekend, it stings a little bit more at “home.” The Classic BMW built car was great – perfectly set up with brand new brake pads that felt amazing. We, as drivers, were the ones who screwed up.

It started on Saturday while Dave was driving. In his first race, he’d pulled off some great moves and gotten the car up into 2nd place. With just two laps to go, he had an off and let a couple cars get by. Goodbye podium there. He was able to fight hard and keep a 3rd place finish in his second race, at least, but it wasn’t the one for contingency points, so it felt a little hollow.

Then came my turn to drive on Sunday. While Saturday was sunny and warm, Sunday turned into a cloudy, cold, and occasionally drizzly day. Just in time for my first race of the day. The drizzle started right as everyone got to the grid, so the entire field went out on slicks – not that it was wet enough for rain tires, but there were some slicks spots on the track. When I got passed by two cars that I felt cut it a little too close, I got spooked and drove scared the rest of the race. It showed.

Second race of the day, I still found myself in last place of our field of 5 cars, but I forced myself to get back out there to push myself in certain parts of the track, work on my lap times and get a little bit closer to where I need to be to become competitive in our class.

Sometimes things don’t go well on the track. If you’re going to race, you have to accept those days will happen. And you also have to get over them quickly because the next race isn’t going to wait for you to feel better. We’re glad the car was performing so well – and we have time to review our lap footage to pinpoint our mistakes. We’re not here for a consolation prize. We’re here to win and that means working through the crap to become better drivers, and getting back out there when we screw up. You either win or you learn, and this weekend we learned.

Up next is COTA in May. That will be a true test of the durability of the car, but we’re excited to drive a true Formula 1 track.

Until then, see you at the track.