NOLA Motorsports Park – October 27-28, 2018

NOLA Motorsports Park – October 27-28, 2018
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NOLA Motorsports Park – October 27-28, 2018

Our last race of the season, and our first trip to New Orleans for either of us. It was the longest drive we’ve done to race, but well worth the trip. I can’t say enough good things about the track—it’s fun, it’s fast, and it’s high quality, having hosted Indy Car once. The pits are all paved, which made it so much easier to unload our car and set up shop for the weekend. We’re small time, so most tracks we go to we’re setting up on at least some dirt or grass.

The Spec E46 crowd, unfortunately, was small—only us and one other car who we’ve gotten to know over the season, so the focus was less about racing with our class and more about how far we could push the car and test our driving limits. With our newly installed limited slip differential, the car was more planted and balanced in the corners and it proved all weekend it’s a solidly built race car. We couldn’t be prouder to have had Classic BMW build our car for us.

This weekend was a little different for us than Hallett—maybe it was the cooler weather, but it seemed the crowd was overall a little friendlier. We met several great racers that we hope to stay in touch with over the winter break and catch up with in January when the next season starts. People from Houston, Corpus Christi, a few different places in Louisiana—the comradery was fantastic and reminded us how special the club racing culture can be.

At the end of the day, our goals were to accomplish two things. Dave achieved his by driving the car as fast as the other Spec E46 driver, who’s been one of the quickest cars we’ve seen in the class all season. Mine was to get my last two races to get my full competition license and get away from that rookie provisional label. Also checked that box.

Now it’s time for a little break. While we won’t be travelling anywhere for a couple months, we’ll be busy making a wish list of spare parts, things we need that we didn’t have this season, and planning for the trips next year. Now that we’ve figured out some of the basics, it will be fun to set some bigger goals and get a little more aggressive on the track.

NASA Nationals will be at Mid-Ohio next year—that’s goal number 1.

In the meantime, it’s a great time to reach out to us for school talks—if you think we might be a good fit for your math or science class or if you want me to talk to some of your girls about empowerment and women in racing, please email us to see if we can help out.

We’re excited to see what we can accomplish in 2019. Hope you are, too!

All the Best, Christi